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School Dental Service

School-aged kids in front of a colourful wall

The School Dental Service provides free general dental care to eligible school children at school-based Dental Therapy Centres


What care is provided?

The care includes routine dental examinations or check-ups, oral health advice, extractions, fillings, X-rays and fissure sealants.  Specialist dental services such as oral surgery and orthodontics are not provided, and patients will be referred for these services. 


Am I eligible?

Dental Therapy Centres provide free general and emergency dental care to eligible students who: 

  • are aged 5 to 16 or until the end of year 11, whichever comes first
  • attend a school recognised by the Western Australian Department of Education

Students attending TAFE are not eligible for the School Dental Service.

How and when do I get care?

Eligible children attending a school in Western Australia are provided with a School Dental Service enrolment form. Please complete the form and return it to the issuing Dental Therapy Centre. If you have not received an enrolment form, please contact your local Dental Therapy Centre.


How much does it cost?

General dental treatment provided at a Dental Therapy Centre is free. Any services not provided by staff at Dental Therapy Centres is not free, and costs are to be paid by parents/carers.