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This section provides general dental health information (pamphlets, posters, books, brochures) for infants, toddlers, school age children, teenagers, adults and special needs groups. Further information resources relating to dental health can be obtained from the Dental Health Education Unit. The lessons are available for download in Portable Document File (PDF) format. You will need Adobe® Reader® to view these files. Click here to obtain Adobe Reader.
Nutrition Pamphlets
Resource File
Food as a reward‚ is it appropriate? (2008).pdf
How much sugar do you eat for breakfast? (2008).pdf
Snacks and health teeth (2008).pdf
Sugar (Sth. Aust.).pdf
Sugar a sticky situation (2008).pdf
Sugar - it’s out there (2009).pdf
Tooth - friendly canteens (2009).pdf
When you need a drink (2008).pdf

Children 0-12 Years Pamphlets
Resource File
Brushing toddler’s teeth (2008).pdf
Caring for your child’s smile 0-6 years (2008).pdf
Children’s new adult teeth (2008).pdf
Dental health role of the child carer (2009).pdf
* Give your child’s teeth a health start (2010)n/a
Lift the lip (2009).pdf
* Oral health for children 3-12 (Colgate) n/a
* Oral health for infants and toddlers (Colgate) n/a
Preventing early childhood caries (2008).pdf
Teething (2008).pdf
Thumbsucking and dummies (2008).pdf
Teach your baby to drink from a cup (2009).pdf
Your child’s first dental visit (2008).pdf

Oral Hygiene Pamphlets
Resource File
* About health gums (Dental Outlook)n/a
Are your teeth really clean - how to disclose plaque (2010).pdf
Healthy teeth and gums for life (2010).pdf
How to brush and floss your teeth (Oral-B).pdf
* How to brush/floss your teeth (Dental Outlook)(limit of 5)n/a
* Oral care during orthodontics (Colgate)n/a
* Oral health for adults (Colgate)n/a
* Oral health for teens and 20s (Colgate)n/a
* Oral health through everyday care (Colgate) Pamphletn/a
* Oral health through everyday care (Colgate) Leaflet (A5) n/a
The electric toothbrush (2011).pdf
Toothbrushing chart (2005).pdf

General Pamphlets
Resource File
About your new dentures (2013).pdf
* Caring for your dry mouthn/a
* Colour-ins assortedn/a
Common questions and answers (2007).pdf
* Dental Health - good health tips (Dairy Australia & Vic.ADA)n/a
* Diabetes - Dental care for people with diabetes (Colgate)n/a
Diabetes - Dental care for people with diabetes (Sth. Aust).pdf
* Eruption dates - adult/baby teeth (2003)n/a
* Forgotten something? - for people on methadone programn/a
Forgotten something? general dental info for 8 yrs+ (2004).pdf
How much do you know about teeth? (2007).pdf
Mouthguard tooth knocked out?!! (2009).pdf
Oral health instructions - people with heart valve disease (2009).pdf
Oral health care - radiation therapy (2010).pdf
* Oral piercing - and oral healthn/a
Poem - A happy smile 2010.pdf.pdf
Pregnancy - Keeping your teeth and gums healthy (2008).pdf
* Smarter than smoking - set of 3 (WA Health) (limit of 1 set)n/a
* Smoking - Clearing the air - talking with children & teenagers (WA Health)n/a
* Smoking - and oral health (colgate)n/a
Tobacco‚ alcohol and drugs - how they affect oral health (2010).pdf
Tobacco‚ alcohol and drugs - a handout for youth (2010).pdf
Tooth wear (2008).pdf
Vanishing teeth - acid alert (2008).pdf
* When a tooth is knocked out - card (limit of 5)n/a
Where do you go for dental care in highschool? (2007).pdf
Weakened Tooth Enamel.pdf

Resource File
Achieving oral health for people with a disability (2006).pdf
Collis Curve toothbrush - instructions for use (2007).pdf
Down Syndrome and dental care - healthy teeth and happy smile (2003).pdf
Instructions for carers - clients with heart valve disease (2009).pdf
Mouth care for dependent people (2006).pdf
Mouth care - what can you do? (2009).pdf
Special oral hygiene aids for people with a disability (2007).pdf

Fluoride Pamphlets
Resource File
* Application in the dental surgery (limit of 2) Dental professional onlyn/a
Fluoride information (2010).pdf
* Fluoride safety (limit of 2)n/a
* Home use of fluoride (limit of 2)n/a
* Water fluoridation - still the answer (limit of 2)n/a

Resource File
Brush’em - strong teeth for strong kids (2000) Indigenous.pdf
* Go for 2 & 5 - fruit and veg (WA Health)n/a
* Healthy Teeth (Dairy Australia & Vic.ADA)n/a
* How to brush your teeth the way dentists recommend (Sensodyne)n/a
Keeping our smiles bright (2005).pdf
* Lift the lip (2010)n/a
* Oral health through everyday care (Colgate)n/a
Protect your child’s smile (2005).pdf
* Protect your child’s smile (Vietnamese)n/a
* Save that knocked out tooth - put it straight back!n/a
* Spotlight your smile - get dental check-up (2004)n/a
* The Australian guide to healthy eating - please circle size A1 or A4n/a
The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander guide to healthy eating (NT Govt).pdf
Tooth knocked out?!! (2009).pdf
Vanishing teeth - acid alert (2006).pdf

Resource File
Toothbrushing program for child day care centres (2008).pdf

Resource File
DHEU Children’s Books (2011).pdf
DHEU resource catalogue (2011).pdf
DHEU Resource Directory-Addendum (2011).pdf

* Currently not available online. Please contact the Dental Health Education Unit to request.

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