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This section provides teachers with the information required to educate pupils in oral health topics relevant to their stage of development. Lessons have been developed using the Curriculum Framework as a guide. Each lesson includes an outline, background information, materials and resources required, activities and worksheets. The lessons are available for download in Portable Document File (PDF) format. You will need Adobe® Reader® to view these files. Click here to obtain Adobe Reader.
Dental Diseases & Prevention  Types of oral disease; how they are caused; how they are easily prevented.
Year Lesson Name Description File
3-7 Fluoride - What is it? Introduces some of the sources, benefits of fluoride. N/A
3-7 Gum Disease Discusses how plaque causes gum disease, how it can be prevented. N/A
K-2 Healthy Smile Tooth decay, gum disease, how to look after your teeth and gums. N/A
K-2 Oral Hygiene - Toothbrushing The process of toothbrushing, why you need to brush twice daily. N/A
3-7 Oral Hygiene - Toothbrushing & Flossing Describes toothbrushing, flossing techniques, their importance. N/A
3-7 Plaque - How Clean Are Your Teeth? What plaque is, how it causes decay, gum disease, how to remove it. N/A
K-2 Plaque - What is it? Describes what plaque is, that it forms daily, can harm teeth and gums. N/A
3-7 Preventing Oral Disease Explains the need for a healthy mouth, how to prevent dental diseases. N/A
3-7 Tooth Decay Describes how tooth decay occurs. N/A
Year Lesson Name Description File
3-7 Deciduous & Permanent Teeth Explains how our mouth changes, why we have two sets of teeth. N/A
K-2 Mouth Parts & Function The parts of the mouth, their uses, how to keep the mouth healthy. N/A
3-7 Parts of a Tooth Describes the various parts, functions of a tooth. N/A
3-7 Types of Teeth & their Functions Discusses the different types of teeth, their structure, different functions. N/A
K-2 Why Do We Have Teeth? Describes the importance of teeth, their different functions. N/A
Year Lesson Name Description File
3-7 Sugar & Dental Decay The role of sugar in tooth decay, how we can reduce our risk of decay. N/A
K-2 Sugar & Tooth Decay Sugar, tooth decay, food, drinks that are good for the teeth and body. N/A
3-7 Understanding Product Labels Types of sugar, how to make choices about sugar consumption. N/A
Year Lesson Name Description N/A
3-7 Get a Dental Check-Up Explains how regular dental check-ups contribute to good dental health. N/A
K-2 Role of Dental Professionals Introduces students to the different dental staff at a clinic, their roles. N/A
3-7 Role of Dental Professionals The different dental professionals, their roles as health workers. N/A
Year Lesson Name Description File
3-7 First Aid Teaches to value mouth safety strategies, how to treat mouth trauma. N/A
3-7 Safety Gear - Mouth safety Introduces the concept of safety equipment, teaches mouth safety. N/A
K-2 Spot the Hazard Introduces hazards to teeth, some safe practices for yourself and others. N/A

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